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White Mountain The geographical terrain of Latin America is just as diverse as the culture. With amazing rainforests, volcanic lakes, jungle rivers, impressive mountain ranges and gorgeous beaches there is something for everyone young or old in Latin America.

Mountain Biking For lovers of all things adrenalin there are many activities to participate in; mountain biking in the deep valleys of the Yungas in Bolivia, snowboarding in the Chilean Andes, surfing off the coast of Peru or El Salvador, driving across the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (the biggest salt lake in the world). And of course, not forgetting the numerous opportunities for white water rafting, paragliding and bungee jumping throughout the region.


The sheer size of the Amazon Rainforest and the fact that it boasts a fifth of the world’s bird and plant species, makes it a fascinating place to visit. Whether trekking or taking a leisurely boat ride down the Amazon River, this is one experience not to miss.

Galapagos Island

The same can be said for the Galapagos Islands. The scarred volcanic islands offer an unparalleled wildlife diversity as well as an insight into the workings of nature.

For those inspired by trekking they should look no further than Latin America. The pristine Lake District of Chile with its snow-capped volcanoes offers some amazing treks. As does the Cordillera Blanca range in Peru.

Machupicchu Whether in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru or Bolivia visiting the ancient ruins of the Aztecs, Mayans or the Incas is a must. The mysterious temples and palaces in such breathtaking sites as Machu Picchu create a magical experience.

Shopping in Latin America is delightful and unforgettable. The Witches Market, La Paz, Bolivia offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of Aymara mysticism. While, local markets such as Otavalo Market, Ecuador sell irresistible indigenous handicrafts. Cities all over the region also offer great opportunities for making fun and diverse purchases.

Argentine Tango

However shopping is not the only thing to be done in the cities. Brasilia, Brazil’s capital boasts some futuristic architecture that should be seen, such as the Aztec inspired National Theatre. The café culture of Argentina’s Buenos Aires can be called seductive as can the Argentine tango, which can be appreciated in the streets of Buenos Aires.

Copacababa Beach

For sun-worshippers the famous Copacabana beach in Brazil is magnificent but if something more peaceful and secluded entices you than look not further than the beaches of Costa Rica.

With all this and much more Latin America can provide every visitor with a truly unique experience!

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