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Panama provides an opportunity to see an extensive array of flora and fauna unmatched by any other country in Latin America. It's the only Latin America capital surrounded by rainforest less than ten minutes away from its center and with a easy access to three National Parks. The forests and jungles house more than 200 mammal species including bats, armadillos, primates, whales, peccaries and sloths. Almost 1000 species of birds will keep even the most avid bird-watcher occupied for days where there are ample opportunities to see 22 species of parrots, 3 species of albatrosses, and the national bird the Harpy Eagle with a wingspan of 7 feet among many others. And to top it off, Panama is also well known for its world class fishing not only because of its endless coastlines but also for the ability to catch dozens of fish each trip into the water.

In addition, scientists estimate that over 10,000 species of plants that live harmoniously with the thousands of magnificent mammals and birds in Panama. There are thousands of species of flowers to enjoy, and among them is the national flower called the Holy Ghost orchid.  The Panama Tree reaches 130 feet high and this can be found along with over 1200 species of trees that live in the rainforests, mangrove thickets along the coast dense forests all over the country.

Whether or not you are nature enthusiast it is impossible not to enjoy the fantastic scenery that Panama has to offer as it provides the visual experience of a lifetime.

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