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In Panama, days are hot and nights are much cooler. Temperatures range from 32 C during the daytime to 21 C in the evening almost daily, year-round. Humidity is always high at about 80 percent with the rainy season taking place between October and November. The best months to visit Panama are mid-December and late March when the weather is delightful with less rain. Temperatures vary according to the geography. Up at higher elevations where the climate is less tropical, temperatures are much cooler. In mountain areas the average annual temperature ranges from 10C to 19C (50-66F) at various mountain elevations. Panama is a country affected by numerous climatic conditions, all of which has helped create favorable conditions in which to enjoy outdoor touristic activities. Whether you are interested in sun bathing, diving, hiking, or bird watching, Panama's climate provides ample opportunity to enjoy them all.
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