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Though expensive in comparison with the other means of transportation, flights are being used more and more often. Every provincial capital has its own airport, and there are many other working, especially in tourist areas such as Bariloche and El Calafate. Most companies have several daily flights to the most popular destinations, and daily or less frequent flights to other destinations. Even though Buenos Aires is the most important flight hub, both because of economical and geographical reasons, there are flights between important cities, such as Córdoba, Rosario and Mendoza

A return ticket from Holland to Buenos Aires costs with KLM between € 699 and € 1.249, tax included. Iberia is a bit cheaper and also has daily flights.

A return ticket from Lima to Buenos Aires with Lan Peru costs € 450, 20, tax included. A city bus costs 2.5 pesos.

LAN Argentina begins first international flight with daily non-stop service Miami. LAN Argentina operates out of Buenos Aires, Aeroparque Airport, with three daily flights to Cordoba; two daily flights to Mendoza, Bariloche and Iguaçu. Continental wants daily flights to Argentina in the future.

Trenes de Buenos Aires (TBA), Ferrocentral, Ferrobaires, Tren Patagónico, and Ferrovías are some of the private companies which now manage Argentina's passenger rail network. The following is a list of most of the current long distance passenger trains in operation (Plaza Constitucion, Once and Retiro are stations located in Buenos Aires):

  1. Plaza Constitución - Pinamar: twice a week R
  2. Plaza Constitución - Mar del Plata: three trains daily, other added Friday. R
  3. Plaza Constitución - Miramar: once a week R
  4. Plaza Constitución - Ayacucho - Tandil: once a week
  5. Plaza Constitución - Azul - Olavarría: five days a week R
  6. Plaza Constitución - Bahía Blanca (Lamadrid route): three times a week R, D
  7. Plaza Constitución - Bahía Blanca (Pringles route): two times a week R
  8. Plaza Constitución - Carmen de Patagones: once a week R
  9. Plaza Constitución - Saladillo - General Alvear: twice a week
  10. Plaza Constitución - 25 de Mayo - Bolívar: five days a week
  11. Plaza Constitución - Daireaux: once a week
  12. Once - Chivilcoy - Bragado: daily
  13. Once - Los Toldos - Lincoln: once a week
  14. Once - 9 de Julio - Carlos Casares: four days a week
  15. Once - Pehuajó: three times a week
  16. Retiro - Junín: daily
  17. Retiro - Rosario - Santa Fe: once a week
  18. Retiro - Rosario - La Banda - Tucumán: once a week R, D
  19. Retiro - Rosario - Córdoba: twice a week R, D
  20. Córdoba - Villa Maria: twice a week
  21. Viedma - San Antonio Oeste - S. C. de Bariloche: thrice weekly R, D
  22. Ing. Jacobacci - San Carlos de Bariloche: thrice weekly
  23. Federico Lacroze - Concordia - Monte Caseros - Posadas: twice a week R, D
  24. Basavilbaso - Villaguay Central - Concordia: five days a week
  25. Resistencia - La Sabana - Los Amores: to La Sabana daily, to Los Amores three days a week
  26. Roque Sáenz Peña - Pinedo - Chorotis: daily
  27. Resistencia suburban service: several trains daily

R = Restaurant, at least in most of the trip.
D = Sleeping car

Train tickets cost between 10 and 30 pesos, depending on which track you take. There are also tourist trains and these are more expensive.
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