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The currency of Bolivia is the Bolivian Boliviano (BOB). There are 100 centavos to each Boliviano. At the time of writing USD $1.00 was equal to Bs. 8.00. In the large cities, there are a number of automatic teller machines that take credit cards and numerous "Casas de Cambio" where Travelers Checks may be cashed or US Cash may be changed. If you can't find a cambio, try travel agencies, jewelry or appliance stores and pharmacies.

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There are also ATMs that except Eurocards. It is useful to arrive with American dollars as, for cash, US dollars are the only foreign currency accepted throughout Bolivia, but currencies of neighboring countries can be exchanged in border areas. When changing money, be careful that you are not distracted with anything to make you lose count of what you have been given. Also take care that ATM machines do not duplicate each of your withdrawals in the records (without actually giving you twice the money) creating a double drain on your account. Credit cards may be used in larger cities, but not elsewhere - best bet stick to using ATMs in major centers.
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