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Being continental South America’s largest country with only Chile and Ecuador not having borders with it, it is not surprising to know that Brazil covers over 8 million square kilometers, making it the fifth largest nation of the world.

Being based on a relatively stable continental crust, Brazil rarely experiences any volcanic or seismic activities.

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Keeping in mind that over 66% of Brazil’s land surface is covered by forest: geographically, Brazil can be separated into three segments.  The first is the low lying Amazon basic and the wetlands of the Pantanals.  The general North and North West of the country.  The second, the central plateau where Brazil’s capital: Brasilia is located and of the rugged mountain and hill areas of the South and along the Atlantic coast.  The third is the Brazilian Highlands, near Sao Paulo and Rio.  In this segment the highest point of Brazil can be found: the Pico de Neblina.

A Southern Hemisphere country, Brazil’s winter is from June to August, while the summer is from December to January.
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