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  1. TAM click on the image to enlarge
    AIR: With Brazil’s great distances, flying is often the most practical option.  Domestic air travel offer excellent service and there are flights between the larger cities many times a day.  The largest airline is TAM ( and they offer air passes covering all of Brazil.  But do keep in mind that you need to purchase the air pass outside of Brazil Penta airline is a cheap airline with a network servicing the Amazonian and Pantanal regions.

  2. Urban Buses click on the image to enlarge
    BUS: The bus system through Brazil, connecting the larger cities, is also a traveling option for those traveling on a budget and with the time.  The bus network is extensive and can be divided into three categories.  The first is the “commun” or “convencional” buses- these are quite slow and fill up quite quickly, picking people up along the way.  For a few extra Reais you can opt for the second “executivo” (executive) buses which are more comfortable, a lot of reclining seats and they don’t stop along the way to pick up passengers. 
    Taxis click on the image to enlarge
    The third option and the more expensive are the “semi leito & leito” buses (literally meaning bed buses).  These buses usually are night buses with full reclining seats including leg and foot rests.  There are also toilets and on many services a hostess and refreshments.

  3. TAXIS: Well used throughout Brazil, taxis are metered, so make sure the meter is working when you get in (if it’s not, you can arrange a set price beforehand) and make sure that the tariff is set to “1” (except between 11pm and 6am, on Sundays and during December when the tariff is set to “2”).

  4. Amazon boat travel click on the image to enlarge
    BOAT: Throughout the Amazon boat travel may be practical and many times the only way of travel.

  5. RAIL: There is 30,379km worth of railway tracks in Brazil, but there is only a limited amount of passenger services, and they are found in the Sao Paulo state.
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