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Fauna de Chile click on the image to enlarge
While the flora and fauna of Chile are a little less diverse than some of its surrounding countries, it is highly recognisable as being home to species that do not exist in any other country in the world.

Ecosystems throughout Chile have become quite vulnerable to changes and invasions by man and it has led many species almost to extinction.  With this reasoning, Chile has developed a network of parks and reserves that endeavor to protect these delicate ecosystems.  The nature reserves and parks are administrated by the National Forest Service (CONAF).

Some noteworthy nature reserves are:
  1. Lauca National Park click on the image to enlarge
    Lauca National Park, Northern Chile, approx. 176km east of Arica.  Covering 137,883HA, the park is home to almost a third of all bird species that exist in Chile aswell as cameloids, vizacacha, flamingo and puma.

  2. Nahuelbuta National Park click on the image to enlarge
    Nahuelbuta National Park, south of Santiago, is a small park only covering 6,832HA bus is an amazing forest brimming with many species of trees, some over 2000 years old and over 50 meters high.  Amidst these incredible trees are 16 species of orchids.  Roaming animals include pudu deer, Chiloe foxes and pumas.  Black woodpeckers and parrots can also be spotted.

  3. Nahuelbuta National Park click on the image to enlarge
    Conguillio National Park, South Central Chile, 80km east of Temuco is one of the more popular national parks in Chile.  With four lakes, and active volcano and many snow peaked mountains: it is a paradise for hikers and skiers and a living treasure chest of wildlife, bird life and plant life.

  4. Nahuelbuta National Park click on the image to enlarge
    Torres del Paine National Park, Southern Chile, is one of the worlds most spectacular parks with a massive area covering 181,414HA.  It is a park of glacial wonderlands and crystal turquoise clean pure lakes.  Wildlife is at its abundance here with 105 species of birds including condors, ibis, flamingoes and austral parakeets.  There are also opportunities to see guanaco, hares, foxes, pumas and skunks.
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