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Colombia has a wide varity of plants and animals due to the many different habitats that lie within its borders. More than 45,000 species of plants have currently been identified, however, it is predicted that when the region has been thoroughly explored that figure could rise substantially. Colombia also boasts the largest number of bird species in the world with more than 1,665 species and subspecies of South American and migratory birds having been identified. Examples include the roseate spoonbill, green kingfisher, sharp-tailed ibis, yellow warbler as well as a variety of parrots and macaws. Of the other animal species, Colombia has numerous carnivores including puma, a variety of smaller cats, raccoons, and mustelids. Herbivores include the tapir, peccary, deer, and large tropical rodents. Sloths, anteaters, opossums, and several types of monkeys.

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