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Colombia's position so close to the equator means that its temperature varies little through out the year. The temperature in the low lands and coastal regions is generally hot and humid throughout the year. In the mountainous regions the temperature is a lot colder, particularly at elevations above 2000 metres. Average temperatures in the coastal and lowland regions range between 24 degrees Celsius (76 degrees F) and 27 degrees Celsius (81 degrees F). in the mountainous regions above 2000 metres temperatures range from -15 degrees Celsius (2 degrees F) to 13 degrees Celsius (56 degrees F). The greater the altitude the colder it gets.

There is generally only two notable seasons in Colombia, the wet and the dry. The wet season goes from March to May and September to November. The dry season from December to February and June to August. In the Amazon jungle region it can rain at any time of the year. In the north of the country the wet season generally lasts from April to November.
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