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Costa Rica


  1. Costa Rica Map click on the image to enlarge
    Full Name:  Republic of Costa Rica
  2. Area:  51,100 km² (19,725 sq mi)
  3. Population:  4,516,220
  4. Capital City:  San José
  5. Cultural Breakdown: 94% Mestizos and European descendants, 3% Afro-Costa Ricans and 1% ethinic Chinese.
  6. Languages:  Spanish (official), English
  7. Religion:  Predominantly Catholic, other religions include Jehovah's Witness, Judaism, Islam, and Hare Krishna.  Protestant forms of Christianity make up 18% of the population.
  8. Government:  Democratic Republic
  9. President: Laura Chinchilla
  10. Currency: Costa Rican colón
  11. GDP: $48.6 billion
  12. GDP per capita: $10,900
  13. Annual growth: 4.2%
  14. Inflation: 8.3%
  15. Major Industries:  Microprocessors, food processing, textiles and clothing, construction materials, fertilizer and plastic products.
  16. Major trading partners: The U.S., Netherlands, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico and Brazil.
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