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Is Ecuador a safe country to travel in?
Ecuador is a safe country to travel, even for people traveling alone. Like most countries you do need to be careful at night time and in isolated areas. At all times common sense should guide you. Never walk down side streets at night. It is recommended that taxis are used after 9pm in the cities and that you only carry small amounts of money at all times. Also avoid wearing excessive jewelry that could encourage thieves.

The basic rule is to take care and try to avoid places that you would avoid in your home town or city. It is best to walk in groups after dark and stick to the main tourist areas.

Is the water safe to drink?
As with most South American countries it is recommended that you drink only bottled water, water that has previously been boiled for at least 5 minutes, or water that has been purified using purification tablets. It is recommended for those with sensitive stomachs to clean your teeth with bottled water and to avoid ice, unless it has been confirmed that it is safe.

Do I need a visa and how long can I stay for?
There are a number of visa options for people travelling to Ecuador depending on the purpose of your visit. It is possible to obtain a student, work or tourist visa, etc. The general requirement is that you have a passport that is valid for 6 months or more, that you have a ticket stating your departure date. In rare cases you might be asked to show evidence that you have enough money to finance your visit.

Citizens of the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, South America, etc do not require a visa if your visit is less than 90 days. Citizens from Algeria, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Lybia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine Authority, Panama, People's Republic of China, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tunisia and Vietnam require a visa.

Visa requirements change quite often so it is best to contact the Ecuadorian consulate in your country for the latest information.

Will my electrical appliances work?
The majority of outlets in Ecuador are 110/120V AC (60 Hz). In the large towns and cities there are many shops that sell adaptors.

Do I need to be immunized against any diseases?
People travelling to Ecuador are not required to be immunized against any particular disease. However, it is recommended that travellors be vaccinated against hepatitis A. Also, there have been outbreaks of malaria in coastal regions and in the jungle. If you plan to travel to these areas, it is best that you contact a medical profesional prior to your arrival to assess the risk and appropriate medication.

How expensive is Ecuador?
Prices of hotels in Ecuador are approximately $10 US per night (more luxurious hotels can cost a lot more). A bottle of beer generally costs $1 US and you can expect to pay up to $5 US for a meal in a mid range restaurant. If you are budget conscious there are lots of restaurants where you can eat for approximately half this amount. Budget hostels start from around $5 US per night. Prices may be negotiable for an extended stay.

Will I be able to access the internet?
In the majority of towns, except in remote regions there are many internet cafes to choose from. Many hotels and even some hostels will have internet available to their guests. This will either be included with the cost of the room or an additional fee may be charged. Expect to pay about $1 per hour in the large towns and cities, and up to $4 per hour in the smaller towns.

What time zone is Ecuador located in?
Ecuador is on Eastern Standard Time, 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The Galápagos Islands are on Central Standard Time, 6 hours behind GMT.
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