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The diversity of the geographical terrain in Guatemala allows for a variety of weather conditions throughout the country. A very wet and cloudy summer runs from May to October, followed by a drier and sunnier winter season from December to March.

Mountain in Guatamala click on the image to enlarge
The mountains are high enough to escape the tropical heat and humidity and summer temperatures here are comfortable. Winters are cool and it can be cold at night.

Tikal National Forest click on the image to enlarge
In the northern half of Guatemala, vast lowland plains support huge expanses of largely inaccessible, undulating hardwood forest, dotted with the occasional banana plantation. Hot and wet summers are often accompanied by high humidity, while winters are warm with a brief dry season lasting from February to April.

Mountain in Guatamala click on the image to enlarge
The coastal plain along the Pacific coast is intensely cultivated, sustaining plantations of coffee, sugarcane, and bananas, alongside cotton fields. The crops benefit from the high rainfall, which is confined to the summer months. Summers are also very hot and humid, while winters are warm, dry and a lot sunnier.

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