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Is it safe to hitchhike in Honduras?
Hitchhiking is frequent in rural areas, even for single women, when there is no suitable bus connection. Ask around and you will be pointed to the various leaving points. Expect to pay the equivalent bus fare at the conclusion of your journey. However always be careful and do not hitchhike at night.

I don´t speak Spanish, will that be a problem in Honduras?
Spanish is the primary language spoken. English is hardly spoken outside of the biggest towns or Bay Islands. The advice is to do a course Spanish before entering Honduras or at the start of your stay in the country; you will enjoy the country so much more, and it is wonderful to be able tom communicate with the local people.

What is typical food in Honduras?
The Honduran "Plato tipico" is the most famous lunch. It consists of rice, beef, fried beans (frijolitos), and fried bananas (tajaditas). If you are lucky, it will also come with chimol, a fresh, non-spicy salsa made of tomatoes, green peppers, onions, cilantro and lime juice.

Baleadas are a Honduran original. A baleada sencilla (simple) consists of a thick flour tortilla filled with refried beans, cheese (queso), and a type of cream similar to sour cream but not sour (crema or mantequilla). A baleada especial usually also comes with eggs in it and you can sometimes get avocado or even meat.

Other choices are tacos and enchiladas; though don't expect them to be like those in Mexico. The tacos are meat rolled in a corn tortilla and deep fried. The enchiladas are a flat fried corn tortilla topped with ground beef, cheese and a red sauce.

Is there also Malaria in Honduras?
Malaria occurs in rural areas, Roatán and other Bay Islands.

Are Hondurans friendly people?
Regardless of violence and widespread poverty, Hondurans are friendly people who appreciate a respectful manner. As well as this it is important to greet and even introduce yourself if you are asking a question to a stranger. Of course, like any other country, if you do need to ask a question from a stranger be careful but most of the time Hondurans will be friendly and more than happy to help you.

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