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Flora and Fauna in Honduras click on the image to enlarge
Honduras has a rich and varied flora and fauna. Tropical trees, ferns, moss, and orchids grow particularly in the rain forest areas. Originally the rose was the country’s flower, but in 1969 due to the fact that the rose was not native to Honduras the Orchid was chosen to replace it. Mammal life in Honduras includes the anteater, armadillo, coyote, deer, fox, peccary, pocket gopher, porcupine, puma, tapir, and several varieties of monkey. The white-tail deer is declared a national symbol to help protect and raise awareness of Honduras unique and rich fauna. The deer is found through out Honduras in mountainous and forested areas.
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Fish and turtles are numerous in both freshwater and marine varieties. Among the reptiles are the bushmaster, coral snake, fer-de-lance, horned viper, rattlesnake, whip snake, caiman, crocodile, and iguana. Birds include the black robin, hummingbird, macaw, nightingale, thrush, partridge, quail, quetzal, toucan, wren, and many others.  The national bird is the Scarlet Macaw.
Declared a national symbol in 1993, the Scarlet Macaw is a rare bird that is only found in vast isolated areas of tropical rainforest such as the Olancho, Rio Patuca and Mosquitia regions.
Two places especially worth mentioning are Parque Nacional Jeannette Kawas. This park offers white- sand beaches, great snorkeling and howler monkeys galore. Furthermore the Lago de Yojoa has the best bird-watching, waterfalls and outstanding national parks.

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