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  1. BUSES:: It is necessary to book the bus in advance but the services are very cheap and they run regularly to most large towns.
  2. TAXIS:The fare should be agreed before starting your journey because taxi´s are not metered.
  3. CARE HIRE:You will find various internationally recognized car-rental companies at the airports.
  4. DRIVING: In Honduras the traffic drives on the right. Road conditions are generally poor although an all weather road exists from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula, Puerto Cortés, La Ceiba and towns along the Caribbean coast, as well as to the towns around the Gulf of Fonseca in the South. Flooding and landslides can occur during the rainy season and it is not advisable to drive at night as many vehicles drive without lights on and animals wander onto the road.
  5. TRAINS:There are only three railways which are generally unreliable and limited. Travelers can, however, take a trip from San Pedro Sula on a Banana train and with some planning to Curto y Salado National Park on a coconut train.
  6. BOATS:Ferries operate between ports on the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines.
    There is regular boat service from La Ceiba to the bay islands of Roatan and Utila.

    Service to Roatan is on the Galaxy Wave II. The ferry trip costs less than flying, and leaves (mostly) on time. A round-trip prima class ticket costs $53; round-trip general class, $43. Both prima and general seating areas are comfortable and offer air conditioning and flat-screen TVs for your entertainment. The crossing takes about 80 minutes each way.

    Service to Utila is on the Utila Princess. Tickets cost about $30 round trip and the crossing takes about 60 minutes.
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