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Is Mexico a safe place to travel?
Mexico has a worse reputation than it should, as generally you'll have a hassle-free trip and be overwhelmed by how helpful everybody is. Petty theft, however, is still a problem and you should take care in Mexico City (and always take an authorized taxi - especially when you arrive from the airport).

On the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, don't take expensive watches and shoes to the beach or leave all your valuables in your cabana, as locks are easy to break. Use security boxes or give your bags to the management.

Is the water safe to drink?
It is best NOT to drink the tap water in Mexico. Bottled water is fairly cheap and readily available. If your stomach is particularly sensitive use bottled water to brush your teeth as well. Also order drinks without ice (sin hielo).

Do I need vaccinations to travel in Mexico?
Plan ahead for immunizations (give yourself six weeks), as some injections shouldn't be taken together. The following are usually recommended: diphtheria, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and malaria.

What is the time zone in Mexico?
Most of Mexico observes 'Hora del Centro', the same as US central time (GMT minus six hours in winter, and minus five hours during daylight saving). In Northern Baja California the 'Hora del Pacifico' - the same as US Pacific time - (GMT minus eight hours in winter, and minus seven hours during daylight savings), and 'Hora de las Montanas' (the same as US mountain time) in the south (GMT minus seven hours in winter, and minus six hours during daylight saving).

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