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Nicaragua's international airport, Sandino Airport, is situated about 8 miles from Managua and the city and has very good bus and taxi services. Latin American, European and North American Airlines offer daily flights to and from Managua. La Costena is Nicaragua's major domestic airline and has many flights to isolated regions such as the Corn Islands and Bluefields on the Caribbean Coast.

Nicaragua's local bus services are regular and very frequent. But the buses tend to be crowded, slow, and in poor condition. A deluxe bus service is also available from San José, Costa Rica and other Central American capitals. These tend to be faster, more comfortable and less crowded as a seat booking is required.

Traveling by boat is the only way to get to some places in Nicaragua - particularly on the Caribbean Coast and in Lago de Nicaragua. Boat trips from Rio San Juan to El Castillo and San Juan del Norte are usually very expensive, but fishing and cargo boats are always coming and going from Bluefields, Puerto Cabezas and the Caribbean coast and you might be able to catch a ride with one of them. Note that there is a river border crossing between Nicaragua and Costa Rica at Los Chiles that is reachable by boat from San Carlos.

Radio-dispatched taxis can be found at the Sandino International Airport and at most larger hotels. Before taking a taxi, make sure that it has a red license plate and that the number is clear. Pick taxis carefully and note the driver's name and license number. Instruct the driver not to pick up other passengers, agree on the fare before you take off and have small bills available for payment. Also, check that the taxi is properly labeled with the cooperative (company) name and logo.
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