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William Walker, first president click on the image to enlarge
Nicaragua was discovered in 1502 by Colombus and in 1522 the Spanish conquistadores conquered the country. In 1524 the first Spanish cities were founded, including two of Nicaragua´s most important cities: Granada and León. From 1823 Nicaragua was part of the United States of Central America and in 1838 it become an independent republic. Around 1850, William Walker, tried to conquer all of Central America. He managed to appoint himself president of Nicaragua. Attempts to conquer more countries failed, and he was eventually convicted and executed in Honduras.

Nicaragua, history, culture and people click on the image to enlarge
The political situation in Nicaragua remained unstable until the thirties of the twentieth century. In 1937, Anastasio Somoza became president of the country, after killing his rivals. For forty years the Somoza family controlled the country, and until the late seventies the family enjoyed US support.

Nicaragua, history, culture and people click on the image to enlarge
In 1972 Managua was struck by an earthquake. The wealthy and educated former capital was wiped off the map. From around the world money and aid was sent to Nicaragua. A lot of this money ended in the pockets of the Somoza family.  In 1978-1979 there was a revolution, and the last president Somoza was deposed. In 1984 elected Sandinista President Daniel Ortega lost to Violeta Chamorro in 1990.
In 2002, Enrique Bolaños won the election. Bolaños promised to work against corruption and for reducing debt.

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