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    AIR: With the distances in Peru being quite vast, the number of Peruvian and travelers opting to fly to their destination is increasing and so too are the number of domestic airlines.  The main national carriers serving the most traveled routes (Arequipa, Cajamarca, Chiclayo, Cusco, Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado, Pucallpa, Tacna, Tarapoto, Trujillo and Tumbes) are Wayra Peru ( and Star Peru (  Other notable airlines are: Aerocondor ( LC Busre ( Lan (  For the Lima-Cusco route, Taca Airlines ( often offer cheap specials.
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    BUS: The bus network throughout Peru is very extensive and with remarkably low fares.  Conditions of the buses range from the efficient and relatively luxurious to the very old run down ex-US school buses that are used on local runs throughout the country.  Buses run with regularity, at least one bus depot or stopping area can be found in the center of most any town and most of the larger cities have accommodating “terminal terrestres” or “tierra puertas” centralizing the departures and arrivals of the main operators.
    For intercity rides, it’s best to purchase bus tickets in advance direct from the bus company office, however, local trips, you just pay onboard.  On long distance journeys try and avoid getting seats over the wheels, particularly if it is a mountainous or jungle drive.  –(TIP: Prices of bus tickets are raised by 60-100% two to three days before Semana Santa, 28th July (Independence Day) and Christmas.  Tickets are sold out two to three days in advance at these times and transport is hard to come by.
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    RAIL: Train journeys are very popular with all types of travelers.  Relatively “first class” carriages are available, very cheap seats can also be booked but they can be quite unreliable and slow.  The trips provide valuable glimpses of rural life and views of magnificent landscapes.  Routes can be found (but not limited to) Puno-Cusco and Cusco-Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu).
  4. TAXI: One thing that Peru is not lacking in is Taxis.  They can be found anywhere, at anytime and pretty much in every town.  Whenever you get into a taxi, always set a
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    price (not many taxis have meters).  Taxis at airports are more expensive and in some places it is cheaper to walk out of the airport to the main road and flag down one.
  5. HITCHHIKING: Not recommended, however, hitching usually means catching a ride on a truck and the drivers will almost always expect payment.

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