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Republica Dominicana


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    Full Name:  Dominican Republic
  2. Area:  48,072 sq km (18,696 sq miles).
  3. Population:  9,445,281 (2010).
  4. Population Density 193.6 per sq km.
  5. Capital Santo Domingo. Population: 965,040 (urban area) (2010).
  6. Government Republic. Gained independence in 1865, after successive attempts.
  7. President  Danilo Medina
  8. Language Spanish is the official language. Some English and French is spoken.
  9. Religion Almost all Christian, with 95% Roman Catholic; there are small Protestant and Jewish minorities.
  10. Electricity 110 volts AC, 60Hz. American-style two-pin plugs are in use.
  11. Head of State President Leonel Fernandez since 2004 second non-consecutive term).
  12. GDP:  $93.383 billion
  13. GDP per capita:  $10,000
  14. Annual growth:  4.5%
  15. Inflation:  4.08%
  16. Telephone Country code: 1 809. CODETEL (owned and operated by Verizon), Dominican Republic’s telecommunications company, has produced the Comunicard, which enables tourists visiting the country to phone anywhere abroad from any touch-tone phone.
  17. Mobile Telephone Roaming agreements exist with a number of international mobile phone companies. Coverage is good along most coastal areas and around towns but patchy elsewhere. There is a 3G network.
  18. Internet The number of Internet cafes is rapidly growing as the Dominican Republic embraces the Internet.
  19. Media The ownership of newspapers, TV channels and radio stations remains concentrated in the hands of the few economically or politically powerful. There are several terrestrial TV channels and some 30 multichannel cable TV operators. Most of the 200-plus radio stations are commercial. Press freedom is protected by law. Consequently media outlets carry diverse political views although some subjects, such as the Catholic Church and the army, are generally avoided.
  20. Post Airmail takes about 10 days to reach western Europe. It is advisable to post all mail at the central post office in Santo Domingo to ensure rapid handling.
  21. Press • All daily papers are in Spanish and include El Caribe, Hoy, Listín Diario and El Nacional. The English-language Santo Domingo News is published weekly on Wednesday and may be obtained in hotels.
    • There is an online English-language news service (website
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