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Republica Dominicana


Taxis:  Fares in the Dominican Republic are fixed rates based on destination (as opposed to metered rates) and are considerably higher than rates for public transportation. Taxis offer the convenience of traveling privately and comfortably, and in some cases, providing air-conditioning. Taxi fares to the most popular destinations are generally posted somewhere outside the Arrivals Terminal at every airport. If you cannot find this information, ask a couple of taxi drivers what they will charge before getting into the taxi. Most drivers will charge you the going/fair rate, but do ask around because there may be some who will try to overcharge you.
Public Transport:  There are generally four types of public transportation available in almost all areas of the Dominican Republic: Buses, Guaguas, Carros Publicos, and Motoconchos. They are all quite reasonably priced and choosing the right one depends on your specific transportation needs - comfort, length of travel time, and destination.
Guaguas:  Public transportation within, and between cities, towns and villages, is for the most part conducted in privately owned mini-vans, called Guaguas . Guaguas are easy to recognize because they'll generally honk their horn as they approach you (when you are standing at the side of the road) to see if you want a ride (unless they're full). The driver's assistant, or Cobrador (fare collector), is likely to be hanging out of a window or side door waving at you to see if they should stop to let you in. This form of transport is quite cheap but you should be aware that some of these mini-vans could be in poor condition - broken windows, doors that don't close properly, etc. These mini-vans are generally designed to hold 12 passengers but most will carry up to 20 people, maybe a chicken or two, and who knows what else! There are no official places they stop (like bus stops) or timetables for when they'll arrive, so it can take anywhere from 2-30 minutes before one drives by!
Caro Publicos:  Public taxis (small model cars) that usually have signs (similar to taxi signs) on the roof of the car, indicating their particular route along a main road. Like Guaguas , they drive the main roads between cities, towns and villages, stopping wherever passengers want to get in or out. If you stand at the side of the road they will honk as they drive towards you, and as long as they have room, will stop to pick you up.
Motoconchos: A unique form of transport in the Dominican Republic is the Motoconcho . These are privately owned motorbikes whose drivers will give you a ride on the back of their bikes. You should have no problem which ones do this, as they're more than likely to recognize you first, beep their horn, or pull over to where you are standing on the road to ask if you'd like a ride. These are quite popular for shorter trips, especially within towns/villages/resort areas.
Buses:  There are 3 major bus companies in the Dominican Republic and they all drive air-conditioned and comfortable 52-seat buses. Their rates for travel are quite reasonable, even for long distances. Most travel to, and stop in only the larger towns or cities, so you may have to take an alternate form of transport to/from the bus station and your particular destination.
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