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By Air
The country is well connected by air but it is expensive. Alternate means of travel within the country are available, so scout around.

By Road
cordillera de los andes click on the image to enlarge

90% of the roads are paved and Uruguay is well connected. Be sure to carry an International Driving License if you wish to drive around and take in the scenic beauty. Traffic drives on the left. Two main bus lines connect the entire country, especially the border points. Bus and taxi services also operate within the cities. Taxi drivers carry fare charts and take a surcharge for baggage. Metered taxis are available to the city from the airport.

By Rail
rio amazonas click on the image to enlarge
Rail transport links some villages and is not generally used by tourists.

By Waterways
A dense network of rivers covers Uruguayan territory. Among them are large rivers belonging to the Atlantic slope and important basins, such as the River Plate, and the Uruguay River basin. These rivers and their tributaries are of utmost importance as communications routes. Check with the local authorities on travel along the river routes.
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