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Venezuela has 137.000 species of flora and fauna and is the seventh most biologically diverse country in the world. Its vegetation is tropical and changes mostly with altitude and rainfall.

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Lush tropical rainforests of the Orinoco basin form a large biological kingdom hosting diverse animal and plant species. These rainforests grow below the elevation of 1,500 feet. Higher or more arid areas are covered with bushy selvas and grassy savannas. The selva gives way to semitropical vegetation with lots of ferns and orchids, reaching up to about 5,000 feet. At higher elevations the Andean fern forests slowly transform into páramo vegetation, which has few trees and a variety of small alpine shrubs and lichens.

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The richest animal kingdom resides in tropical forests. Seven species of the cat family inhabit the forested interior, including the jaguar, ocelot, jaguarondi, puma, and margay. Other forest animals include several monkey species, two species of bear, peccary, deer, opossum, wild dog, South American rodents and tapirs. The reptile family includes venomous coral snakes, striped rattlesnakes, and bushmasters, as well as non-venomous boa and the famous anaconda.

Remote rivers, swamps and lagoons are also home to caimans, alligators, lizards, and several turtle species.

The warm Caribbean Sea is plentiful with coral fish. Freshwater species that are abundant in interior rivers include electric eels and piranha.
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