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Spanish Courses & Spanish Schools in Latin America

Spanish is a language spoken by more than 350 million people, in more than 20 countries worldwide. The Spanish Language is now the second business language world-wide and, Spanish is spoken in all Latin American countries (except Brazil). Speaking Spanish is part of your key to success, not only if you plan a trip to Latin America or Spain, but also for any international carreer. Nowadays, in comparison to 10 years ago, twice as many people are studying Spanish. And many of them do study Spanish abroad – in Spain or Latin America.
Taking a Spanish course at one of our partner schools in Latin America is a great choice and an excellent investment. As you will be living in the Spanish speaking country, you will not be distracted by day-to-day issues of your life back home, but you will be able to focus 100 percent on learning the Spanish language. Also, everything around you will contribute to learning Spanish: catching a bus, ordering a meal… it will enable you to take part in every aspect of daily life… in Spanish!

But besides that, you will have a great time studying Spanish. We have selected the best Spanish schools in Latin America for you and have had many happy people attending our Spanish courses abroad. No matter how serious you are about Spanish, we offer you total Spanish immersion courses of several weeks or even months, but also short Spanish classes focused on the “Survival Spanish” you need to travel around and get by. Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica..… those are all perfect destinations for a Spanish course abroad.

You simply can´t go wrong when booking a Spanish course in Latin America and in opening yourself up to the Spanish language and the life experience that speaking it will bring you.

Spanish Schools by Country

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