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Spanish School in Bariloche, Argentina

Why Should I Study Spanish Here?

Our students in the Spanish Class, Spanish School in Bariloche This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn Spanish in the Patagonia. The combination of the school’s expert teaching staff, abundance of courses and hands-on classes ensures improved linguistic competency, while the myriad of activities and volunteer projects in Bariloche give each student a truly dynamic experience. There are few places which offer an equal opportunity to learn Spanish in South America and engage in a local culture so intimately.

Spanish Program

Spanish Program

All teachers at the Spanish School in Bariloche are Spanish specialists and have a wealth of experience in Spanish and education.  Coming from all parts of Argentina, students are able to contrast the differing accents found throughout the country.  Varying Spanish programs allow students to construct course-loads which cater to their specific needs for their study Spanish in Bariloche.  Courses permit a maximum of 4 students in each class, which run for 4 hours in the morning, afternoon or both.  Intensive Spanish courses are also offered for those wanting to push themselves to the limit; they include 20 hours of group work and 10 hours of individual classes each week.

Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

There are several volunteer programs offered through the Spanish school which are available and encouraged for students.  By helping the local community through social, educational and environmental projects in Bariloche and throughout Patagonia; students are able to augment their Spanish learning and get much more rewarding experience if they decide to learn Spanish and volunteer in Argentina.


Spanish Program

The school arranges accommodation in Bariloche for students and volunteers at Hostels, Argentinean Family Stays or Hotels.  Family Stays enable students to have daily Spanish practice with an Argentine family and expose them to the customs, cooking and lifestyle of common Argentineans.  Breakfast, dinner, bed linens and incoming phone calls are all included in the price of a Family Stay.  Those choosing to live in hostels during their stay are placed in the best youth hostels Bariloche has to offer.  They are selected by atmosphere, bedroom quality, cleanliness, common rooms and presence of a friendly bilingual staff.  A wide range of hotels are available in the city – just state star preferences and the school will arrange the rest.

Activities & Excursions

Spanish Program

Apart from volunteering projects and Spanish courses in Bariloche, students have the opportunity to engage in many activities, travel and experience the splendors of the area.  Students enrolled in the school are offered free salsa and tango lessons, trips to the Patagonia museum, visits to children’s schools and orphanages, mountain treks, photo tours, films and Argentinean cooking lessons.  Argentina is home to Latin America’s highest standard of living and, more specifically, Bariloche is the portal to the Patagonia which is surrounded by mountains and lakes.  The Lake District close to Bariloche is the chocolate capital of Argentina and offers loads of outdoor activities, including; hiking, skiing, rafting, kayaking abseiling, scuba diving, mountain biking, fly fishing and more.

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