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Spanish School in Bogota, Colombia

Why Should I Study Spanish Here?

School Description

Come and study Spanish in Bogota! The capital city of Colombia has something to offer for everyone, whether you are looking for a wonderful cultural experience, a location with a very interesting historic background, or a place where you will be enchanted by friendly  inhabitants. Bogota is a fascinating metropolis and a very interesting city. Our Spanish school in Bogotá is located in the neighborhood of Quinta Camacho. This part of town is quiet traditional and has beautiful architecture. It is easy accessible with public transport and you are close to the city center and to important commercial and recreational areas. It is also close to the “G-Zone”, an area of Bogota famous for its shops and special restaurants.

Spanish Program

Spanish Program

At our school in Bogota there are Spanish courses for students, business people and families. You can choose a specific program such as business Spanish, medical Spanish or Spanish and dance (Merengue and Salsa) or combine your Spanish with a volunteer project. There is the possibility to choose an individual program, adapted to your personal goals and wishes, or a group course. On your first day at school you will be evaluated through a level exam in order to be placed in the correct group. There are six levels in total,  guaranteeing a professional and efficient Spanish course. The teachers, all with a long experience in the Spanish teaching field and a true love for teaching, will evaluate you every two weeks so you can frequently see your improvements and receive feedback.

Both the standard Spanish course as well as the intensive course combine the Spanish lessons with cultural activities which give students the chance to get to know the Colombian history and the Colombian culture. 

Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

For people not only looking to improve their Spanish, but also to help the local people in Colombia and add to their experience abroad, the school offers a special course ‘Spanish and volunteering’. By choosing this program, apart from the Spanish course and the cultural activities, you have the opportunity to volunteer at a social institution, such an orphanage, hospital, Charity or at the University. The volunteer program has a minimum duration of 4 weeks. Students need to send their CV in advance, so that the school can find as project that best suits your interests, profession and experience.



In order to fully enjoy your Spanish program in Bogota, and to truly get to know the culture and the inhabitants, we highly recommend you to book home stay accommodation through the school. You will have the chance to share daily life with locals and speak Spanish on a daily basis. All families are carefully selected and students will feel like they are another member of the family. Living with a Colombian guest family, you have a great chance to practice your Spanish after school hours as well and receive a full cultural immersion.

There is also the possibility to stay in a small hotel-like accommodation in Bogota, where you share facilities with other tourists / students.

Activities & Excursions


The school in Bogota offers at least two activities per week which form part of the program. The cultural, social and recreational activities give you the chance to put your Spanish knowledge into practice, get to know the most interesting spots of Bogota, and have a good time with newly made friends and the locals. Often the school arranges city tours in which you will get to know parts of town such as the colonial area ‘ La Candelaria’  and visit museums (such as the Gold Museum and the National Museum). Other activities are outings to natural parks and beaches, but there are also trips to concerts and  restaurants. You will truly get to know Bogota and gain a better understanding of the local culture.

Colombia is a beautiful country with many national parks and reserves and therefore offers amazing opportunities for the adventurous traveler, such as mountain biking or trekking. But the Caribbean Coast is also an idyllic place to enjoy water sports or simply hang out on the beautiful beaches. The Spanish school can help you to plan excursions in the region. You may take a wildwater rafting excursion, take a trip to the Guatavita Lake, a beautiful lake in the Andes, or enjoy an outing to Ráquira, a small town in the Andes, famous for its handicrafts and a the beautiful  landscape.

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