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Spanish School in Leticia, Colombia

Why Should I Study Spanish Here?

Study Spanish Are you looking for exciting and unique location to study Spanish in Latin America? Why not come to Leticia, a beautiful place in the Colombia Amazon. In addition to first-class Spanish lessons, this mountainous city offers a plethora of activities, excursions and volunteer opportunities. The combination of the beautiful wilderness and the unique local culture guarantees an exciting adventure for all tastes. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to study Spanish in the Amazon!

Spanish Program

Spanish program The school offers interactive and flexible Spanish programs which fulfill the individual needs and goals of the students. Traditional Spanish lessons, Spanish and Dance, Spanish and Amazon Studies, and Spanish for Families are all courses offered by the school. All students are given a placement exam upon their arrival to ensure they are placed in the correct level and to cultivate their Spanish proficiency properly. Students have the choice between group and private courses; all Spanish classes are taught by professional Spanish instructors with a University education and tons of enthusiasm.

Volunteer Program


Students are encouraged to volunteer in the Amazon to enhance their Spanish lessons. The school offers a special Volunteer Program to students, which includes 15 hrs of Spanish lessons and 16 hrs of volunteer work each week. Participants can choose to work in projects related to with social work or education.

The school also offers several internship programs which offer students a professional opportunity to live and work in Colombia. Possible fields of work include; social work, healthcare, education, environment or tourism. The Trainee & Internship Program requires 12 weeks of participation and offers 10 hours of Spanish lessons and 20 working hours each week.


The school offers various accommodations for students while they live in Colombia. Those who choose to live with a host family experience the lifestyle of the common family in Colombia and get daily Spanish practice. All guest families are within a 10 minute walking distance from the school and are carefully chosen to ensure student comfort. They provide breakfast and dinner and can accommodate for special diets, such as vegetarian or diabetic.

For those wanting more independence, the school also offers private rooms in bungalow accommodation in Colombia on the school properties in Leticia. These comfortable rooms have private showers, ceiling fans, safety boxes, a deck, and hammocks.

Activities & Excursions

Activities and Excursions

The free cultural activities are an excellent complement to Spanish courses and show students Colombian culture in a fun and captivating way. The activities, which are offered 4 days per week, include; Colombian cooking lessons, Amazonian handcrafts, Fruits of the Amazon, Latin-American movies and visits to local attractions.

If you decide to study Spanish in Leticia, there are plenty of opportunities ro get to know the beautiful surroundings and enjoy some nice tours in Colombia. The school also offers many excursions to students wanting to explore the Amazon River and rainforest. Students can do one day excursions to Tarapoto Lake, Amazonian tribes, Monkey Island, Caiman Observation and more. Weekend excursions include; natural reserve visits in Peru and Colombia, weekend bird watching and more.

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