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Spanish School in Medellin, Colombia

Why Should I Study Spanish Here?

why should you study spanish here  in Medellin, Colombia Learn Spanish at this renowned university located in the El Poblado-district of Medellín, Colombia. Medellin is a vibrant, vital city, going through a dynamic stage of development, and has plenty of industrial, commercial, cultural and social activities to offer. The vibrant university campus offers a great setting for your language course. You will have full access to the facilities and resources of the university such as sports facilities, a language laboratory and the university library. Participants of the Spanish Program may attend undergraduate courses free of charge, mainly from the faculty of Social Science and Humanities. Thanks to your Colombian conversation partner (this can be a college student or a teacher) you will be able to practice your Spanish after class hours and become acquainted with the Colombian culture and the Colombian people. You will improve your language skills rapidly while having a wonderful time!

Spanish Program

The Spanish program offered at this school in Medellin is based on international standards and offers the best in academic activity, teaching quality, facilities and equipment. spanish program in Medellin Colombia Students with previous knowledge of Spanish will take a placement test prior to starting their course so that they will be placed in the correct group. There are four different levels and twelve courses in total, from basic through proficient. Thanks to the small groups you are sure to receive instruction at your level. Each Spanish course consist of 38 hours of classes (equalling 50 minutes of academic lesson), which can be taken in a time frame of either 2 or 4 weeks. Please check with us when you can start your course, as there are fixed starting dates. All your Spanish teachers hold advanced degrees in education and have extensive experience in working with international students. A communicative approach to teaching the language is used. The skills that are developed are listening, speaking, reading and writing, and the goal of the program is that the student will gain confidence in communicating in Spanish.
Please note there is also the possibility to partake in private classes, which are not given at school, but at an agreed location in Medellin, either at your hotel or at your homestay, or at any other location you choose.

Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

If you not only want to improve your Spanish language skills, but also want to offer a helping hand to the Colombian society, it is possible to volunteer after or during your Spanish program. We can help you to find a rewarding volunteer project where your help will be greatly appreciated. Please ask us about the volunteer options we offer in Medellin.


Volunteer Program

In order to fully enjoy your Spanish program in Medellin, it is important to find adequate accommodation in the right place. Therefore, once you have booked your course, the school will help you to find appropriate housing. This can be either a shared apartment or a homestay with a Colombian guest family. By living with Colombian people, you will be able to practice your Spanish also after class hours, and get to know the Colombian culture from close by.

Activities & Excursions

activities and exursion in Medellin, Colombia

The university where you will be taking your Spanish program has quiet some experience with receiving students from all over the world. Therefore, if you choose group classes at our partner school, you will be offered a nice cultural program to get to know the city of Medellin and its surroundings. Medellin has approximately three million inhabitants living in its metropolitan area and is located in a deep valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and has a nice warm climate. You will be able to go on all kinds of tours and excursions in Medellin visiting museums, amusement parks and historical sites. You can also go on outings to concerts, shows or the cinema. Worth mentioning is the wonderful cultural conversation program between Colombian and foreign students, offering  students from abroad opportunity to connect with Colombian fellow students, practice Spanish and make friends along the way! Of course you should not miss out on the chance to get to know the rest of Colombia, an amazing country whether you are interested in culture, adventure or nature!

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