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Spanish School in Copan, Honduras

Why should I study Spanish here?

Why should I study Spanish here This Spanish school in Copan is set in the Honduran highlands, near the Guatemalan border. It offers a beautiful setting for a Spanish program with famous Mayan ruins a mile away. The school opts for a system of intensive cultural immersion; only Spanish is spoken in classes and a number of (cultural) activities are on offer in and around Copan.

Spanish Program

Spanish program Designed to suit learners of all levels of Spanish (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), the intensive Spanish course leaves all students with a superior grasp of the Spanish language but also of the Honduran culture and history. All teachers are extremely experienced and passionate about helping you learn their language and culture.

Volunteer Program

Spanish program Whilst the town of Copán Ruinas is fairly wealthy due to the number of tourists that visit to see the Mayan ruins, the surrounding areas are poor. Therefore there are a many opportunities to volunteer in Honduras across a variety of projects that the Spanish School helps with. You can choose to work in an ecological volunteer project, helping the locals help to protect the environment, or volunteer as a teacher assistant. There is also a medical volunteer program for medical students or professionals where you will be assisting at private or public health clinics.


Spanish program The best way to culturally immerse yourself in the Spanish language, is to be surrounded by Spanish speaking people at all times. Therefore, the school offers lodging with local families, located close to the school. These carefully selected Honduran host families have been chosen for their kindness and welcoming nature. Each middle-class family offers comfortable living arrangements and 3 meals a day (vegetarian if needed) are included. Many will take you on weekend outings, providing the opportunity to practice your Spanish and truly get to know the culture of Honduras and Copán.

Activities & Excursions

Spanish program

Being in an extremely historical and cultural setting, The Copán region has a lot of beautiful and interesting sites to explore. The school organizes many activities and excursions, such as dance and cooking lessons, hiking excursions and horseback riding.

To arrange trips to the local ruins, thermal springs or waterfalls. In addition, excursions both within and outside the town are available to take with fellow students and friends, so that students get to know Honduras and the surrounding area during their stay.

Whether these are internal, such as dance or cooking classes, or trips to the local ruins or waterfalls, the school are more than happy to arrange these for you.

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