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Spanish School in Sacred Valley, Peru

Why Should I Study Spanish here?

Spanish program True cultural immersion is more possible in the Sacred Valley than anywhere else in Peru. This Spanish school offers students the chance to study Spanish in Urubamba with a flexible and interactive teaching approach, while experiencing the unique lifestyle of rural Peruvians. Students studying here are also encouraged to study at the partner school in Cusco to develop a truly dynamic experience while studying Spanish and culture in Peru.

Spanish Program

Spanish program

This school offers students a unique chance to study Spanish in Sacred Valley, in a small Peruvian village. The Spanish classes are known for the interactive, communicative and personal teaching methods. Small class sizes help ensure that students receive all the attention and specialized teaching they need to reach their goals. The partner school in Cusco gives students the chance to see more of Peru while continuing their language courses. It is preferable that students begin their Spanish course in Cusco for a week prior to departing to the Sacred Valley.

This allows the teachers and staff to fully assess every student’s Spanish ability, needs and goals.

Volunteer Program

Spanish program The Volunteer Program provides students the unique opportunity to further improve their Spanish and get to know the local culture while they live and work in Peru. Students will experience, first-hand, its rich cultural diversity while cultivating a superior level of Spanish proficiency. Through the Volunteer Program in Peru, you will be able to make contributions to Peruvian society and to help bridge the gap between foreign visitors and native Peruvians. Note that there are many volunteer projects in Cusco and Arequipa, but there are also possibilities to volunteer at schools and after school projects in the Sacred Valley.


Spanish program When you take your Spanish course in the Sacred Valley, you will stay in the school residence located in Urumbamba, in beautiful premises in a rural, garden-like setting. The building is divided into sleeping and study areas. There are spacious, comfortable bedrooms, modern bathrooms, and plenty of places to relax or study. Three meals per day are included, from Monday to Friday, and vegetarian options are included. On Sunday the group normally goes out for a welcome dinner.

Activities & Excursions

activities and excursions

Students are encouraged to explore all that Peru has to offer by furthering their education outside of the classroom. The school can help students arrange a variety of activities and excursions in Peru. Many students travel to the popular markets and ruins in Pisaq, the village of Chincheros, the old Incan town of Ollantaytambo or the salt mines in Maras. Of course, the Inca Trail or the alternative Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu should not be missed when you are so close to one of the world’s most magical places!

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