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Location: Buenos Aires
Starting / Ending Point: Several starting points throughout the city.
We offer different city walks through in the capital city Buenos Aires, each with a different focus:

From village to Metropolis: Historical casco (2 ½ hours)

This walk starts at Plaza de Mayo and continues along Monserrat and San Telmo. The walk aims at unveiling for us monumental state buildings, antique residences, important churches, shops and factories revisiting the histories of a lost village that was -once upon a time- destined to become first a vice royalty’s capital and to afterwards become a large metropolis.

“Paris of South America” (2 ½ hours)

Banco de la Nacion, Argentina A walking tour through Retiro: the corner of the city that better expresses the Parisian patterns adopted in Buenos Aires at the break of the XX century. We start at San Martin Plaza: A square fully surrounded by residential palaces, an important landmark of a tendency that changed part of Buenos Aires’ aesthetics. Further ahead, the journey continues with a visit to other Parisian- like sites: Pellegrini petit square and Alvear avenue.

Palermo Viejo (2 hours)

El Rosedal -Bosques de Palermo "Palermo Viejo”is a peculiar area that puts together the ambience of the old and tranquil neighbourhood of low residences, with the urban appearance of the globalized cities: were “ethnic” food, design shops and thematic bars are to be found. This walk allows a full comprehension of the area’s current peculiarities while also unfolding for us the clues of its history: the making of an outskirt neighbourhood, the planning of a working class quarters zone (Villa Alvear) with its picturesque pass ways, the arrival of the Armenian immigration and the cluster of peculiarities of its mingled architecture.

Paintings and Monuments: Recoleta (2 ½ hours)

We start with a visit to the attractive collection of modern art of the national museum of modern art. From there we survey an area that treasures part of the important public monument heritage of the city. The walk is focused on the most outstanding monuments of the area, from the old equestrian sculptures to the new contemporary interventions, from the exquisite of “Alvear” by Bourdelle to the glam of “Floralis Generica”.

Recoleta cemetery (2 hours)

A visit to the extraordinary cemetery of Buenos Aires. A very peculiar selection of histories, construction and art styles, symbols and iconographies that are collected amongst mausoleums, grave stones and niches. Starting with the humble and unornamented republican graves we walk the avenues and streets of a necropolis designed to receive the prominent men of the XIX century and the elite families as well as Eva Perón.

Puerto Madero (2 hours)

A city within a city. We visit and explain the new urbanization that stands on top of the old harbour in a relationship that leads us to topics related to old requirements –created by a growing city- and the new proposals of a metropolis. Docks, storage houses, bridges, parks, etc. lead us to a debate generated in 1882 and from there to the current days of urban recovery of the area as a city area full of new interventions. A walk along a key neighbourhood of today’s BA.

Puerto Madero 2-3 hours

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