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Location: Cerro Catedral / Cerro Otto / Lago Llum / Valle del Manso / Isla Victoria
Starting / Ending Point: Bariloche (hotel)
We take you to places you would never find by yourself, the nicest, safest, most interesting and thrilling in the area. Different from renting a bike and doing the classic “circuito chico” (short circuit), the service we provide includes driving to the beginning of the best track, adapted to the client’s physical conditions and technical skills. Once there, and after an introduction about gears and brakes, we begin an unforgettable experience.

We provide a nourishing snack, designed for a better physical performance. We carry a communication system depending on the area to cover, we are trained in first aid, and we have a 14-year experience in Mountain Bike. Choose the program you like best.

Cerro Catedral

(0,5 day; beginner-intermediate)

From your hotel, in a truck with the bikes at the back, we head to the base of Cerro Catedral (Mount Cathedral), the main ski resort in South America. We take the equipment and go up in a chairlift up to 1,400 meters above sea-level. After an introduction about techniques, use of gears and brakes, position and safety measures, we begin to descend over a beginner’s road. Then we take an incredible trail crossing streams, cascades, woods and wonderful views. We end our trip at a beach in Lago Gutierrez, where the truck is waiting to drive us back to the hotel.

Cerro Otto

(0,5 day; beginner-intermediate)

This excursion is a lot of fun. We drive in a truck from your hotel to the top of Cerro Otto, 1,400 meters above sea-level. There we take our equipment and ride through an incredible lengal (lenga wood) till we get to Piedra de Hasburgo (Hasburg Rock), one of the best view points in the area. After having something light, we start to descend over a trail in the middle of the woods, heading to Lago Gutierrez (Gutierrez Lake), 760 meters above sea-level, a nice downhill.

Lago Llum

(1 day; intermediate-advance)

Lago Llum is a beautiful pond, almost 900 meters above sea-level, located in the middle of a coihue (local tree) and cypress wood. In order to get there we have to go along a trail that seems especially prepared for mountain biking. We will enjoy a 12-Km ride in the woods, along Lago Mascardi (Mascardi Lake) peaking through the trees every now and then, with a beach resembling the Caribbean. When the weather is nice, you can swim or rock dive. All of this combined with a very technical and fun trail.

Valle del Manso

(1-3 days; all levels)

Undoubtedly, this excursion is the most amazing, fun and magical of them all. What makes it so special is that we go along a 20-km valley, over Inferior Manso River, thereby getting to know what the colonization history was like. The descendants of the first settlers (end of 19th century) still hold the same traditions, the same timber-yards, houses, barns, etc. since the first people came to live within the boundaries of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. During the way, we stop in each of the 5 inhabited areas, to exchange anecdotes and take with us some home-made cheese, jam, bread or “torta frita” (fried pastry) At the end of the excursion, we cross a hanging bridge and arrive to a sand beach with a green emerald whirlpool at Manso River.

Isla Victoria

(0,5 day; beginner)

We meet in Puerto Panuelo, in front of Hotel Llao-Llao. We board a boat that takes us to Isla Victoria, 22 km long and almost 4,000 hectares of Protected Area. This island was one of the first indigenous settlements in the area and it is the one that gave the National Park its name NAHUEL HUAPI, which in mapuche language means ISLAND OF THE TIGER.

When we get to Puerto Anchorena, we begin our ride through exotic woods, to continue into a huge native wood that goes along the northeast shore. We arrive at a quiet sand beach: PIEDRAS BLANCAS (WHITE ROCKS), where there are plenty of possibilities to run into red deer. The ride is about 8 km long with some up-hills and fun down-hills. During the ride we will learn about flora and fauna and also about the attracting history of the site, as we visit old houses which date from the beginning of the previous century.

After having lunch by Nahuel Huapi Lake and after a good rest, we head back along the same trail to the Port to take the boat back to firm ground.

0,5 day or 1 day

November through April
With a minimum of 4 people, tour can be done on any day of the week.

  • Mountain bikes
  • Helmets
  • Transport
  • Guide / Instructor / Mechanic
  • VHF and mobile communication system
  • Support vehicle for assistance during tour
  • Nutritious Snacks

  • Tips

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