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  • Rurrenabaque town
  • Caquiahuara Parrot & Macaw Nesting Wall
  • Beni and Tuichi Rivers
  • Madidi National Park
  • La Bala Canyon

Starting / Ending Point:
  • Start point: La Paz Airport
  • End point: La Paz Airport

Madidi National Park and Bolivian Rainforest Expedition

Madidi River

Have you ever dreamed of going on a Bolivian rainforest expedition into the vast undiscovered environment of the rainforest? The Madidi National Park Rainforest expedition takes you deep into the heart of Madidi National Park, one of South America’s largest and least explored rainforests. Here you will discover rarely seen animals and plants as you enjoy guided expeditions throughout this unique habitat. Madidi national park is featured regularly in science and travel journals and Madidi is certainly one of the highlights of Bolivia.  

Your first day begins with a morning flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque, which is the gateway to Madidi and Pilon Lajas National Parks. Rurrenabaque is an important trading post for resources being extracted from the Bolivian rainforest. The 50 minutes flight offers amazing views of the Cordillera Real and the plunging mountains that descend towards the rainforest. As you land on the tiny asphalt runway and step out into the humid air you will become aware that you have arrived in the Amazon basin. Your guides will be waiting for you to assist with your transfer to the hotel and you’ll have the rest of the day to explore the town and prepare for your departure to Madidi National Park the next morning.

River Transport

The next day we travel to Madidi Park by motorized boat. The trip up the Beni and Tuichi Rivers takes three hours and gives us the chance to see the flora, fauna and beautiful landscape that Madidi has to offer, such as the Bala Canyon. On your arrival at Caquiahuara you will have the chance to observe the nesting wall used by the red and green macaws and other species of parrots. Bird sighting can be done anytime during the year, however, it is more frequent from July to October. The trip then continues to the Madidi Jungle Ecolodge where we will be staying the next couple of nights. In the afternoon we will enjoy a four hour guided walk along the Tareche Trail to the Aguapolo Creek, a fantastic opportunity to observe a variety of bird species, mainly macaws and parrots, and the surrounding tropical rainforest. There is the possibility during this walk to observe many different species of primates and mammals such as the black spider monkey.

On the third day we will enjoy several very nice walks. In the morning, a  medicinal plant walk along the Mapajo Trail where the giant trees of the Amazon jungle can be appreciated.  The local guide will provide an in-depth explanation of the diverse species of plants used for medicinal, practical and the ancestral purposes in order for us to provide an understanding of the ecosystems encountered here. In the afternoon we will walk along the Biwa Trail, where black spider monkeys are often found among the trees. We stop at the Aguapolo scenic viewpoint, a wonderful spot observe the rainforest, the wildlife and many beautiful birds. After dinner, a jungle night walk will show us the nocturnal wildlife of the Amazon.

Madidi River

The next day we will trek along Pava Cullpana Trail and have the chance to see a Salt Lick, a place in the rainforest where various animals gather to lick salt. We will have the chance to see tapirs, monkeys, guans and toucans. After lunch break we will take a boat upstream the river Tuichi and fish for catfish on the river Tuichi. An optional activity for today is a full day outing to
Santa Rosa Lake, a fantastic place to go canoeing, fish for piranhas and view wildlife.

On our last day in this Amazon Rainforest we will take the Wabu Trail to “Cullpana”. Along the way, we will again have plenty of opportunities to see different animals. After lunch we will return to Rurrenabaque. Along the way we will see exotic species such as the giant river otter, the black caiman, the capybara and the tapir.

After a good night rest in Rurrenabaque we take our flight back to La Paz, looking back on a wonderful trip to Madidi, without doubt one of the most amazing tours in Bolivia.


Morning flight La Paz – Rurrenabaque
Pick-up and transfer to hotel Rurrenabaque & free time to explore the town
Visit to local office to discuss all the details of the expedition.
(All times to be confirmed.)

Madidi River

08:30-Departure by motorized boat from Rurre to the Madidi Park
11:00-Arrival at Caquiahuara
13:00 Arrival at Madidi Jungle Ecolodge
14:00 Lunch and hammock time
15:00 3-4 hour guided walk along the Tareche Trail to the Aguapolo Creek.
19:30 Dinner at Madidi Jungle and resting time.
20:30 Short night hike (optional).

07:30-Breakfast at the Ecolodge.
08:00-Medicinal plant walk along the Mapajo Trail.
12:30-Lunch at the Madidi Jungle and free time.
15:00-3-4 hour guided walk along the Biwa Trail
19:30-Dinner at Madidi Jungle.
20:30-Night walk into the jungle to observe the nocturnal wildlife.

07:00-Breakfast at the Madidi Jungle.
08:00-4-5 hour guided walk along Pava Cullpana Trail
13:00-Lunch at the Madidi Jungle and free time
15:30-A short boat trip upstream river Tuichi.
19:30-Traditional dinner at the Madidi Jungle with dunucuavi, catfish wrapped in leaves.
20:30-A talk with your guides about the history of the local Tacana indigenous community and biodiversity conservation challenges in Madidi.
Optional Activity Day 4: Full day trip to Santa Rosa Lake.

Madidi River

07:30-Breakfast at Madidi Jungle.
08:00-3-4 hour guided walk along the Wabu Trail to “Cullpana”
12:30-Lunch at Madidi Jungle and free time.
13:30-Return to Rurrenabaque
15:30 Arrival in Rurrenabaque. Transportation to your hotel  and free time

Pick-up and transfer to airport
Return flight to La Paz
(All times to be confirmed.)

6 days (nights

April to October (Dry Season)

Madidi River
  • Flight La Paz - Rurrenabaque - La Paz
  • 2 nights hostel in Rurrenabaque (El Oriental)
  • 3 nights in rainforest lodge (Madidi Jungle Ecolodge) with shared bathrooms
  • Meals: Lunch and dinner second and fifth day, breakfast, lunch and dinner third and fourth day
  • Boat to/from Madidi National Park (equipped with comfortable seats, life vests, rain ponchos and roof)
  • Bilingual Local Guide (English/Spanish)
  • Day-hikes and river trips within Madidi National Park


  • Madidi National Park entrance fee (USD$19)
  • Optional Activity Day 4 (USD$50 per group (2-6 people) to cover the additional boat transportation costs to and from the lake.)

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