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Colombia is a traveler’s paradise for exhilarating water sports and contemporary beach resorts in the coastlines of the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Cultural enthusiasts will enjoy the ethnic diversity of the country with the interaction between native descendants and Spanish colonists. The rich history legacy and biodiversity can be seen through the wide-ranging geography of Colombia, including the tropical grasslands of the coastlines, Andean mountains, and the lush forests of the Amazon. The beautiful colonial architecture of the country’s capital, Bogotá, gives travelers a place to dance the night away to the traditional dances of the cumbia and the vallenato.

Colombia has thirty four national parks and a plethora of nature reserves, including the Tayrona National Natural Park in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, the Cocora valley and the Tatacoa Desert in the central Andean region, and the Amacayacu National Park in the Amazon River basin. Adventure enthusiasts can pursue a wide range of activities, from rock climbing and mountain biking in the Andes, to birding and fishing in the Amazon jungles.  On the Caribbean Coast, check out our Cabo de la Vela package where you can visit beautiful beaches and idyllic lighthouses. We offer another exciting excursion to the coast to visit Lost City of Ciudad Perdida where you will explore the flora and fauna of Ecuador and encounter settlements of the Kogi Indians in the Valley of the River Buritaca.

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Santa Marta
This 7 day trip is a strenuous but rewarding trip as you become closer to nature, some nights sleeping in hammocks under the stars and swimming in a nearby creek. The goal is getting to the lost city, or Ciudad Perdida, before returning by the same route you came. Nights in Santa Marta before and at the end of the trip are included to help your preparation before the trek and your relaxation afterwards!
Ciudad Perdida
This 5 day trek is a wonderful hike towards Ciudad Perdida, the lost city. You will hike daily between 4 and 5 hours, sleep in hammocks and swim in creeks. You can choose whether you would prefer a hotel booked for you in Santa Marta before and after the trip, or you can opt not to make use of this option.
A beautiful seaside city, this Colombian paradise offers much for the tourist aside from the stunning Caribbean coast. The Walled City of Cartagena displays the best of Cartagena's colonial architecture. The Colombian dungeons or Bóvedas are also a popular site, with the Steps of La Popa mount and the Palace of the Inquisition also worth a visit.
La Guajira
This four day trip to Cabo de la Vela offers wildlife in the form of flamingos, nature in salt flats and beautiful beaches. From your hotel in Santa Marta or Riohacha airport, this tour begins immediately with a Flora & Fauna Sanctuary and boat ride. Sunset at the lighthouse Mirador del Faro is also part of the program. This is a hugely beautiful tour of the best Colombia has to offer.
Once a city in which drug baron Pablo Escobar reigned supreme, this city is now far safer and anyone convincing you otherwise shouldn't be believed. Across from the city's university are the stunning Botanical Gardens, home to 600 species of trees and plants. Head to the Museum of Antioquia for impressive collections of pre-Columbian colonial and modern art collections. Medellin is Colobia's second largest city and worth visiting.
Zona Cafetera
Jaw dropping views in Zona Cafetera are common and therefore this part of Colombia should be included in your trip. Salento is a mice small hilltop town in between Armenia and Pereira, known for the truly spectacular hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal. Just outside of Salento there is the Cocora valley, and a day here may well be the highlight of your whole Colombian journey. For the coffee experience, the Hacienda Valencia coffee farm offers an informative tour in a beautiful setting.
Colombia's capital city, Bogotá is a beautiful city and is full of activities for the visitor. For panoramic views of the city, the Monserrate Sanctuary is unrivalled and also has great views of the valley that Bogotá was built in. La Candelaria is the historical district of the city and showcases great colonial architecture. Be sure not to miss this beautiful city on your tour of Colombia.
Nuqui, a paradise in the Colombian Pacific where the beach and the jungle meet, is famous for being where migrating whales meet to escape the southern winter. The best time to do this is in October. Over-flights of this beautiful area are also popular, as you get a birds-eye view of the Colombian coastline and the jungle.
Bahia Salano
There is a hub of marine activities for the traveller in Bahia Solano. It is the perfect place to learn how to scuba dive, as it offers world class sights as well as sport fishing. Whale watching is also popular as migrating whales come from Southern Argentina to escape the winter.
A small town based on the triple frontier between Peru, Colombia and Brazil, Leticia is one of the best places to go for an Amazon excursion. Pink freshwater dolphins can be seen from your canoe as you delve into the rainforest in search of rare animals. Travellers can, from here, also float down the Amazon towards Manaus over a few days, lazing around in a hammock watching the world go by.

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