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Although Costa Rica is around the size of Denmark it contains five percent of the world’s biodiversity. This tiny country is a refuge for nature and the Costa Ricans have placed great emphasis on preserving their natural environment. This means that if you take a tour in Costa Rica you can be guaranteed to find yourself surrounded by beautiful flora, fauna and wildlife. Even on a short trip to San Jose, the capital city of this biodiverse country, you will find yourself nestled within a highland valley and surrounded by abundant nature.

One of the highlights of visiting one of the national parks of Costa Rica is the possibility to get up close and personal with one of the most tremendous forces of nature: volcanoes. Just an hour from San Jose, in the central highlands, you will have the opportunity to visit La Paz Waterfall Gardens, on the slopes of the volcano Poas. Here, you can visit the largest butterfly observatory in the world, have the opportunity to feed hummingbirds by hand and view some of the most interesting serpents and frogs which inhabit the surrounding forest. It truly is one of the most magical places on earth.

If you wonder what to see in Costa Rica, The Poas Volcano and Cerro Chato are definitely to be considered must-sees as they form powerful symbols of the volcanic forces that formed the country. Here you will be surrounded by clouds of steam while you visit the centre of the second largest crater in the world at the summit of The Poas Volcano. You will find a brilliantly jewel green, bubbling sulfuric lake at the bottom of the crater which is fuelled by the bubbling geothermic forces underneath the earth’s surface.

If you want to combine wildlife with some sea- and surf fun on your holiday in Costa Rica, then enjoy a trip to the Costa Rican Caribbean coast where you can divide your time between luxuriating on the beautiful white beaches of the Caribbean and exploring the rainforest of Costa Rica, offering you the chance to spot wild animals such as sea cows, Jaguars or Tapiers in their natural environment. One of the highlights of a tour to Tortuguero National Park are the green sea turtles which have their nesting sites here.  

While you travel in Costa Rica don’t miss Corcovado National Park which was called  by National Geographic "the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity". Another beautiful combination of tropical wilderness and beaches!

Once you have had your fill of National Parks and Wildlife watching, add some adventure to your trip and go white water rafting on the most fantastic and well known of Costa Rica’s rivers. Rafting at The Parcuare River provides a perfect mix of white knuckle rapids and more relaxing sections of river. There is no better way to view the rainforest than from a boat; the forests that surround The Pacuare River host Jaguars, monkeys and Ocelots.

Whether you want to relax on white sandy beaches, trek though magnificent rainforests, meet friendly locals or spot some of the world’s most fantastic wildlife, our Costa Rica packages are all great options and will definitely not disappoint you while traveling in Latin America.

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San Jose
SAN JOSE We offer a San Jose pick-up pack for a smooth arrival in Costa Rica, including a transfer from the airport and one night in a comfortable hotel. Our San Jose city tour will show you the most important historical sites and museums of Costa Rica's capital city. Nice day trip from San Jose include our tour to Poás Volcano National park and the white water rafting tour on the Pacuare river. This river is surrounded on both sides by a green carpet of flora and fauna and is one of the most popular locations for white water rafting in Latin America.
Nature lovers should not skip our Tortuguero wildlife tour. Tortuguero National Park is one of the most biologically diverse habitats on the planet. Hiking through the 'Costa Rican Amazon', you will learn all about the plants and the animals that live here, such as toucans, monkeys and iguanas. Between July and October you will have the opportunity to see giant sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach during our Tortuguero turtle tour.
Santa Cruz
Rio Celeste
The Arenal Volcano is in the top ten of the world's most active volcanoes and is located at the center of Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica. It is possible to take a hike and observe a great variety of plants, wildlife and magnificent lava rock formations.
Caño Negro
The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is a wetlands site that is home to many migratory birds, but it is also a refugee for various endangered species such as cougars, jaguars, tapirs and several species of monkey.
Our trip to Poás Volcano National Park gives you the chance to enjoy the best of Costa Rica in just one day. After a coffee tour on Doka Coffee Estate we will travel to the impressive main crater of the Poás Volcano and walk through the National Park. Then we will continue our tour to the La Paz Water Fall Garden, a spectacular place in the middle of the cloud forest.
Parque Nacional
Manuel Antonio
La Paz
La Paz Waterfall is a spectacular place in the Costa Rica rainforest. Our day trip to Poás Volcano National Park and the La Paz Waterfalls will give you the opportunity to see birds, butterflies, monkeys, snakes, jaguars and much more.
Puerto Viejo
La Fortuna
The nice rural city La Fortuna offers many interesting sites such as the still active Arenal Volcano and its inactive brother Chato Volcano. Enjoy a day trip to lagoon Cerro Chato and La Fortuna Waterfall, where you can spot toucans, monkeys and other tropical creatures. This is a beautiful trip to one of Costa Rica's natural wonders and should not be missed out!
Corcovado National Park
Corcovado is one of Costa Rica's paradises combining tropical wilderness and beaches. Our 4-day guided rainforest trek in Corcovado National Park offers luxury tent camp accommodation and daily treks with a professional tour guide. The amazing variety of different habitats and the possibility to see some of the rarest animals in the world will guarantee a wonderful holiday in Costa Rica.
Alajuela is the second largest city in Costa Rica named after Costa Rica's national hero, Juan Santamaría, whose monument is located here. We offer pick-up from Costa Rica's international airport which is located near Alajuela.

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