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1.- ABA-SE01
This is an orphanage in Buenos Aires for boys who come from domestic violence, abusive or very poor backgrounds. There are about 20 boys living in this home, between the ages of 7 and 17 who... GO >>
2.- ABA-SE03
This is a home for children between 0 and 12 years old, who –under the regulation of the General Department of Child Affairs- must be taken care of until their stable place of residence is... GO >>
3.- ABA-SE06
This volunteer project is located in a very nice and safe neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It is a rehabilitation center run by nuns, for mothers and their children, who find themselves in... GO >>
4.- ABA-SE07
This volunteer project in Buenos Aires was developed to help and care for girls between the ages of 12 and 21 who used to live on the streets or have poor relationships with their families... GO >>
5.- ABA-SE12
This project works to bring food and supplies to those in need in and around the city. The headquarters are located in a large warehouse located about 45 minutes outside the center.... GO >>
6.- ABA-SE13
This Buenos Aires volunteer project works with children who come from poor families or that have lived a life on the streets. The children range in age, mostly being between 6 and 12 years... GO >>
7.- ABA-SE17
This is a Buenos Aires orphanage for boys who are between 10 and 20 years old. In general these boys come from the streets or from situations of domestic violence, abuse or poor backgrounds.... GO >>
8.- ABA-SE22
This is a social organization that edits a magazine written by professional journalists and sold on the streets by homeless and unemployed people who gain an income from what they sell. The... GO >>
9.- ABA-SE23
The main aim of this volunteer project in Buenos Aires is to stimulate participation in environmental preservation. The project supports communities’ initiatives that encourage sustainable... GO >>
10.- ABA-SE27
This project is a home in Buenos Aires and takes care of between 30 and 60 boys at one time, with ages ranging from infancy to 14 years. The exact number of children depends on the time of... GO >>
11.- ABA-SE28
This project is an elderly home in Buenos Aires.. Its objective is to improve the life of elderly people living in elderly homes or other institutions. Men and women of the Jewish community... GO >>
12.- ABA-SE29
This volunteer project in Argentina is a home and after-school center in Buenos Aires for children who come from an abusive background. The children range in age from 2 through 18. The... GO >>
13.- ABA-SE30
This humanitarian organization in Buenos Aires aims at fighting poverty and tries to improve the lives of vulnerable people in Argentina, mainly those affected by the Argentinean crisis.... GO >>
14.- ABA-SE31
This volunteer project in Argentina is located in barrio San Blas, a poor neighborhood in Buenos Aires. The organization helps pregnant women and mothers with young children who have... GO >>
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