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This project takes place at an orphanage that is home to over 250 boys and girls. It is a space that was created as loving and caring place for children to laugh, learn and grow free from the worries of hunger and pain.

Placement in this volunteer program is ideal for the traveler looking to make a difference in the world. What you get out of the experience will be dependent on what you put in. There will be countless opportunities to utilize your skills no matter your interest, whether that’s in the area of sports, technology or art.

One of the things the things that helps sustain the orphanage is the backpacker’s hostel which they operate in Rio Dulce. From the orphanage, it´s only a 20 minute boat ride down the river to the hostel. Hundreds of tourists stop over here on their journey to Tikal, the Caribbean Sea or to the highlands in the west of Guatemala.


Your role and responsibilities as a volunteer will vary depending on the length of time you intend to stay, as well as what skills you bring along.

There are four groups that volunteers will fall into. These groups typically include the role of a teacher, house supervisor, activities coordinator or toddler caretaker. As a result, you will end up in a role that best matches your skills and interests.

There will be opportunities to help out in the kindergarten classrooms, English classes, agriculture classes or with computer lessons. You may even get to read a story aloud or lead an art project. And if you’re a sports buff, you may be able to help out in the gym classes.

The main thing is to share your love and attention with the children.

Note that at some point during the program, every volunteer should also help out in the hostel.


Volunteers from around the world are welcome to volunteer at this project. To make sure that you get the most out of the experience we recommend the following:

  • A strong work ethic with a can-do attitude
  • Patience and respect for all children, staff and fellow volunteers, especially when working with various cultures and limited resources
  • Minors must have parental consent and adult supervision if not a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Basic to intermediate knowledge of Spanish is essential in order to communicate with the children and staff. (If your Spanish is too basic to get by conversationally, we recommend you to take a Spanish course before starting the project.)
  • Minimum time required to participate is 1 week. However, in order to really connect with the children, we encourage at least 2 weeks. Should you desire a long-term placement (3 months or more), please contact us for more information.
  • All volunteers are required to help at the hostel.

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