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This project is developed under an organization that is associated with 8000 coffee farmers/families in Peru in the mountains close to Cusco where the famous Machu Picchu ruins are located. The goal of this organization is to help to stimulate rural development, growing and selling organic coffee in an international fair trade market as well as to set up home stay possibilities at small scale coffee farms. Many of these farms are located on the way to Machu Picchu on the Salkantay and Inca Jungle trails and volunteers will have the amazing opportunity to stay with the families of these coffee farmers and experience their everyday life. During the stay with the coffee farmers volunteers have the ability to learn to whole process of growing coffee to drinking a delicious cup of cappuccino. There are also additional opportunities to help out at the local primary schools if there are volunteers who have a desire to also work with children.


Volunteers get to meet and stay with the small scale coffee farmers and learn their farming processes. Volunteers have the amazing opportunity to share in the daily traditions of the host families while living in a comfortable rural lodge with other rural families. With this accommodation, volunteers help support the local families and their children in improving their education which provides a better opportunity for the children to attend high school. Due to the close proximity to Machu Picchu volunteers have the opportunity to combine their work with a trek to the sacred Incan ruins. There is also a need for support in the local primary schools to help the teachers who have to teach children of different ages and grades in one classroom so volunteers have plenty of opportunity to extend their skills in this area as well.


  • Basic to intermediate comprehension of Spanish *
  • Willingness to participate in the manual labour that is required of the coffee farmers  
  • Willingness to work along with children and support the local teachers
  • Experience working with or teaching children if volunteering in this area
  • Willingness to live and work in a rural area
  • Minimum time commitment of 4 weeks
  • If volunteers are only participating in the farming activities, shorter periods are also available

*Volunteers must have a minimum comprehension level of Spanish in order to work efficiently within this project. Volunteers live and work closely with the local farmers (and their families) and teachers as well as the students therefore, being able to communicate in Spanish will help you to contribute and teach effectively, as well as to receive the full and rich experience that this project has to offer. It is recommended that you take Spanish lessons at the local Spanish school prior to commencing your volunteer work. Please contact us for additional information.

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